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The sunflower oil manufacturer in Ukraine – Primex Oil – is one of the well-known sunflower oil suppliers in Ukraine and abroad.

The history of Primex Oil company dates back to 2008. It was established in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine. Since the launching, our company desired to expand its production capacity. Nowadays, we have the full production chain to manufacture high-quality plant oil. Our goal was to become the leading sunflower oil producer in Ukraine. For now, our products are well-recognized and can be bought not only in Ukraine but also CIS-wide.

Our top priority is healthy, high-quality, and tasty sunflower oil. It means ecologically clean products without any solvents and other foreign substances. That is why all our plants are modernized and use the proven technologies only, ensuring us to become the top refined sunflower oil manufacturer. Primex Oil is also an owner of different state awards and state certificates presented to see at this website.


Ukraine Great Record

Ukraine Broke Its Own Record For Export Of Sunflower Oil

According to the general director of Primex Oil, in April 2020 Ukraine delivered abroad sunflower oil in a record volume of 717 thousand tons. Information was released on Monday May 18, during the webinar

Private Label Branding

Private label products are packed and branded with importing company’s label / brand on demand.

Our full range of packaged oil products are available for Private label manufacturing. Consumers and end-user will see your label and branding on the shelves where your brand products are being sold in stores

What We Are

Ukraine Will Reach A New Record In The Production Of Corn Oil

We are working to expand our delivery program. We actually export our Products not only to neighbor countries but to all country. All our facilities were built with our own capital without any government support